Do Social Media Platforms are worth exploring for Business Growth?

The complexity of handling social media pages and fear of negative marketing online usually stop companies adapt Marketing on Social Media Platforms. But have you asked yourself that whether you are doing justice to your business by missing upon the golden opportunities offered at such platforms?

Let's us take you to some quick facts of the total number of users on Social Media Platforms:

  • 2020: 3,960 billion active users
  • 2019: 3,484 billion active users (+9.2%)
  • 2018: 3,196 billion active users (+9.0%)
  • 2017: 2,796 billion active users (+21%)
  • 2016: 2,307 billion active users (+11%)
  • 2015: 2,078 billion active users.


The above figures state the number of users on social media is taking a significant leap year by year. Isn't being unfair to your business to ignore such an immense customer base that is economical to reach, and you are still stuck with those expensive traditional methods of Marketing.

Facebook is the market leader concerning the number of users (Total number of Active users monthly - 2.80 Billion in 2021), followed by Instagram that accounts for the second-largest number of users (Monthly 1.074 billion users in 2021). India alone accounts for the maximum number of users worldwide (340 million Facebook users and 180 million Instagram users).

The above facts give the idea of a potential withheld at these platforms for Businesses. Any business needs an audience for Marketing, and what could be the best solution other than reaching to masses at very reasonable pricing through these platforms? These platforms are not merely meant for Brand recognition and awareness but also help to drive authentic results in terms of revenue and profits.

Depending upon the objective, these services help you drive results in the following ways:

  • Return on Investment,
  • Increased sales,
  • Increased revenue,
  • Qualified leads, and so on.

You can always search for Social Media Marketing company in your city if you cannot handle the complexity of creating and managing your business profile. Various Internet marketing companies in India offer the best digital marketing services. It includes Social Media Marketing, Creative Graphic Design services, Best SEO Packages, email marketing, and Paid Promotional Ads.

These agencies are umbrella agencies offering a wide variety of services, so you can opt for the best SEO packages that can also help your business rank higher organically or the creative graphic designs that are eye-catchy and help to get the attention of customers.

The services covered in Social Media Marketing are:

  • Company and its Product/Service Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Strategizing the campaign
  • Running Organic Campaign
  • Running Paid Campaign if required to drive better results depending upon the objective.
  • Tracking the performance of these campaigns
  • Comparing and enhancing the current campaign based on the performance report of the live campaigns.

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